Our selection of knitwearBrands

Fedeli Cashmere

In 1934 Luigi Fedeli founded his eponymous brand in Monza. Since then, knitwear has expanded more and more with the help of all the following generations, to the point of establishing itself in Italy and in the world as an indisputable quality brand.

Fedeli has continued to pursue artisan excellence.

Quality remains the key to the brand’s success: from its roots in refined tailoring, to its international role in luxury fashion.

fedeli cashmere

Ferrante Brands

After the Second World War, Amedeo Ferrante, an Abruzzese merchant, sensed the potential of wool yarn mixes and started a small knitwear company: the first collections had an immediate response, giving satisfaction to the entrepreneur and his children, who participate in the company, innovating it and making it grow for the brand it is today.

The company Amedeo Ferrante has always been inspired by a deep passion: for quality, for elegance, for dressing well.

ferrante brands

Loro Piana

Loro Piana means history and embraces values ​​such as quality, tradition, excellence and reliability. Values ​​that are transformed into the features that make their products unique.

The Cashmere Academy which rediscovers the nobility of wool.

loro piana

Maglieria Lu-is

The Lu-is company has its roots in Assisi, in the heart of Umbria and was born as an extension of the family craft activity, started over forty years ago, with the intention of creating fine tailoring garments and knitwear.

Thanks to the experience gained in the processing of different yarns, it is able to produce high quality prototypes, samples and knitwear productions.

Each garment is entirely produced in Italy and has its roots in Umbria, a land full of manufacturing culture.

maglieria lu-is