Our selection of trousers Brands

Gta Fashion

Gta Fashion is a Paduan company that produces top quality trousers.

Style, elegance and innovation.

gta moda pantalone

Trousers Rota

Tailored trousers since 1962.

More than 50 years have passed, but the method and the accuracy of the products have remained unchanged, but above all the products have always been and always will be 100% made in Italy.

The trousers are not simply a garment to match the jacket, but they can become the protagonists of a man’s outfit.


Tramarossa Tailoring

The Tramarossa brand was born in 1967 at the hands of Urbano Chemello as a natural consequence of sartorial studies and the encounter with denim.

In Tramarossa he transferred his new knowledge to make jeans with tailored details and only with selvedge denim.

The Venetian origins. A quality recognized everywhere.