Our selection of accessories Brands

Merola Gloves

Made in Italy with authentic techniques used by artisans, Merola gloves are of the highest quality and highly sought after all over the world.

The Merola family has persevered, with its vision, the manufacture of craftsmanship and quality. 

To create just one pair of gloves, six local artisans have to work on the leather, sew, cut and sculpt to create the classic Merola design.

merola guanti

Fedeli Cashmere

In 1934 Luigi Fedeli founded his eponymous brand in Monza. Since then, knitwear has expanded more and more with the help of all the following generations, to the point of establishing itself in Italy and in the world as an indisputable quality brand.

Fedeli has continued to pursue artisan excellence.

Quality remains the key to the brand’s success: from its roots in refined tailoring, to its international role in luxury fashion.

fedeli cashmere

Maglia Umbrella

The founder, Francesco Maglia, began his activity at the age of 14 as an umbrella apprentice in 1850 in an umbrella factory in Montechiari, in the province of Brescia.

In 1854, at the age of 18, Francesco Maglia entered as a partner in a small umbrella factory in Verolanuova and then moved to Pavia where he started his own business.

By tradition a son has always been called Francesco, one of the current owners is the fifth Francesco and he runs the family business with his brother Giorgio; Giorgio in turn called Francesco his first son.

maglia ombrelli nero

Orobianco Bags

The collections, designed and built entirely in the Gallarate offices, are made with products exclusively made in Italy that make the brand leader in the luggage and business range, both in Japan and in the eastern markets, such as in China, Korea, Hawaii, Singapore , Taiwan, Vietnam.

Giacomo Valentini chooses for his brand the name “Orobianco” thinking of goats, white gold, from which the Tibetans make cashmere.



n 2006, SWIMS was founded in Oslo, Norway, and gave new life to galoshes.

It all started with the simple idea of ​​transforming the golosh from a purely practical utility product into an object of class and brand style with a bold personality.

Over time, the brand has also evolved into shirts, jackets and outwear in general.

In our Boutique we present the collections related to jackets and shoes A Norwegian student is strolling through the rainy streets of Manhattan wearing his old grandfather’s galoshes. Here’s where it started.