Our selection of outerwear Brands


Thanks to the dynamic collaboration with technical professionals of the marketed brands, the company specializes in the production of a made in Italy garment that respects ever higher quality standards and thus the Bagnoli Sartoria Napoli brand is born.

A product that shows its sophisticated beauty, focusing on the comfort of those who choose it.

bagnoli sartoria napoli


Boglioli is an Italian story that has origins in the province of Brescia in the early 1900s.

The brand, born as a third party garment manufacturer, has maintained its strong manufacturing vocation which translates into an extraordinary wealth of technical, construction and process knowledge enriched by modern technologies.

Tradition and innovation. This is the genetic code of the Boglioli brand.

bognoli milano

Loro Piana

Loro Piana means history and embraces values ​​such as quality, tradition, excellence and reliability. Values ​​that are transformed into the features that make their products unique.

The Cashmere Academy which rediscovers the nobility of wool.

loro piana