Custom Tailoring for Men



Originality and attention to detail designs for the modern man


Sagripanti Tailoring creates custom-made clothing for the man who seeks exclusivity and attention to detail design. Realising the perfect garment starts by listening to the customer to understand exactly what kind of tailoring product he wants and for what occasion (work, gala evening, event, ceremony or leisure). Taking measurements is the next step and is done with great care in order to create a tailored item that perfectly drapes the figure in a way that off the rail clothing never could.

Fabrics for made to measure dresses

Material, colour and detail is what gives every gown the ultimate “character”; for any occasion, and at Sartoria Sagripanti our tailors offer clients a huge range of different fabric samples from which to choose. For summer dresses, our range of fabrics extends to include cotton, linen and silk satin, in addition to the newest technical fabrics wrapped with silk proteins to make the material shine, while for the colder months, wool and tweed take centre stage. All our fabrics come in an array of colours for every season from the most classic to the latest fashion hues.